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Usage Method Of Swimming Seat Tube


Baby swimming seat tube is different from other kinds of swimming ring,it's a bit more difficult to wear,so how do you wear it for your baby? Baby swimming encyclopedia introduces you to use it:

1、Inflate the airbags of both sides respectively, first fill the inner layer and after fill the outer layer, the volume of gas should be 80% of airbag.

2、After inflating, should immediately cover pneumatic valve of both sides, and press the valve into the article, smooth the surface, and then check whether there is air leakage.

3、Undo the buckle of swimming seat tube.

4、Before wearing article, you can wet baby's body first, then it would be easier to put on.

5、Put baby in the center of the ring, and put baby's feet in the center of the ring and then put it up until the baby's chest, press the bulge part of inner ring by hands, put ring on from baby's feet, and put the baby's two legs in the baby's swimming seat cushion and until baby's chest.

6、Button up the buckle, please ensure it in order to use it safely.

7、In order to ensure baby swims safely, please double check the ring before use, and please use under the adult's supervision.

8、Dry the article after use, and place it in a cool place, and do not expose it under the sun.

9、When wear article for baby, please be gentle in movement and do not do it rudely to avoid the tear and the leak and even the damage to baby's delicate skin.